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Nutritional Medicine

Since 2011, Chiropractic Physicians in New Jersey, and only those of us with sufficient hours of training in this field may legally practice Naturopathy, Herbal medicine, and Nutrition, treating whatever condition presents, but without legend drugs or surgery.
This means that all of Nutriceuticals, Vitamins, Minerals, Cell Salts, Herbals, Protomorphogens, and other natural substances, may now be dispensed and administered, and we carry a full line of supplements fully vetted by the doctor.

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It is important to realize that like the medication prescribed by your MD is vastly stronger than the one you can buy over-the-counter, so too are the herbals, enzymatic anti-inflammatories, and other natural substances that we are able to dispense in our offices. Many of these brands are sold only to Doctors of Chiropractic, and we have to provide a copy of our licenses to even obtain them.

Before you go to a health food store, supermarket or drug store to buy something you think may keep you healthy, check with Dr. Press before buying. You may not be getting what you think.

All products sold in our offices are screened by Doctor Press and are determined by him to be the best that money can buy for their purposes. Best of all, they are no more expensive at our office than equivalent products in the major health food chains, usually less. See our price guarantee, posted in the office.

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